How to Make Bee Sting Cake

If you’ve ever wondered how to make Bee Sting Cake, you’re in for a treat! Not only does this sweet treat taste delicious, it’s also relatively easy to prepare. The dough used to make the brioche isn’t nearly as thick as bread dough, and this makes the Bee Sting Cake a unique treat that is sure to please your guests. Read on to learn more about this classic dessert.

Bee Sting Cake

Bienenstich kuchen

A traditional German cake, Bienenstich kuchen is a dense, buttery dessert that is topped with honey and butter-crisped almonds. This easy-to-make treat requires about an hour of hands-on time and a dozen eggs. It also requires several hours to chill the pastry cream and cake, and it is best to make the dough the day before. Whether you prefer to bake Bienenstich kuchen at home or purchase it from a bakery, this dessert will definitely impress your guests.

The dough for Bienenstich is an enriched brioche-like mixture of butter, milk, and eggs. One or two eggs are sufficient, though one extra egg will enhance the texture. Those with egg allergies should leave out the egg. The egg-free version will have a slight texture. The flavor and texture of Bienenstich are best enjoyed the same day they are made. If you want to make a large batch of the German-style treat, you can use an ice cream maker.

The recipe for Bienenstich is included in the recipe card, along with step-by-step photos showing every step. The cake consists of several steps, and some of these include a mixture of butter and honey to make the topping. After preparing the dough, it is poured into a pan. Bake for about twenty to thirty minutes, or until the top is a light golden brown color and bubbles appear.

In German, Bienenstich means “bee sting” and has a sweet bread base with a custard-like filling and a honey-glazed sliced almond topping. The original recipe was handed down by a baker who had suffered bee stings when he made the cake. The cake was a hit in his family, and Lisa’s grandmother had a favorite recipe.

If you’re looking for a delicious dessert that looks complicated but is actually simple to make, the German Bienenstich Kuchen is the one for you. It’s easy to make, and is vegan friendly. A vegan version of the traditional recipe is also available, but it does require a resting time for the dough to rise properly. This dessert is best made ahead of time and then reheated in the oven for a decadent treat.

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